Monday, April 11, 2011

One Thousand Gifts:: Take Thirteen


273. that God is our Healer
274. protection in storms
275. the book ~ A Praying Life
276. that God is sovereign and faithful
277. dear friends who pray for and support us
278. prayer warriors at 12 am
279. our fabulous and faithful church family

280. a FABULOUS banquet!
281. many good times with dear, darling, and beautiful friends
282. blooming flowers
283. laughter
284. the AMAZING friends and family I have been so richly blessed with
285. my Bible Study girlies

286. my Whitver family
287. bittersweet feelings about having five more weeks of school
288. getting our power back on Thursday
289. the NES guys for fixing our power
290. our awesome neighbors
291. going to Opryland after banquet with beautiful and wonderful friends- and the many comments that ensued... ;)

Pictures and more from the MTHEA Teen Banquet coming soon!!

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