Monday, January 24, 2011

One Thousand Gifts :: Take Two

I am thankful for ::


27. The privilege of attending the Rally for Life yesterday
28. The sanctity and gift of life
29. Others, including politicians, willing to stand up for life
30. Grace Pregnancy Resource Center
31. The finish of a great sermon series on Gideon
32. Spending a lovely evening and lots of great conversations with our dear friends the Graves
33. Making Polly Jane laugh, reading to a very attentive listener Elijah, Haven's enthusiasm
34. Lovely weather today
35. The cheerfulness and great senses of humor my sisters have
36. My brilliant and wonderful Momb :o)
37. Dad as the amazing and wise leader of our home
38. Hannah and her "Sun" Dance :o)
39. Spending time with Papa
40. Healing of my dear Nana
41. Lovely texting mittens Nana made for us :o)
42. Pandora when writing papers
43. Dear friends
44. Lots of improvement in my little munchkins
45. God answering prayers
46. Getting to be part of a Bible Study with four dear friends!
47. God's mercy and grace, new every morning

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