Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow and Spectacular!

Today has been a great day!!

We had the second annual RBCN Christmas Spectacular- which was indeed spectacular! There was singing, music playing, more singing, interpretive dancing... ok, just kidding about the dancing... :o)

Before our lovely performance we had an AMAZING meal. So delish. Turkey, ham, cheesecake, flan, cookies, potatoes, salad, rolls... so much good food! Ms. Janet and Ms. Teresa's decorating could put Martha Stewart to shame. The tables had fresh holly, pine, and poinsettias. All of the tables were set complete with festive napkins and candy canes and had real table cloths! There were snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and trees with lights. The front of the sanctuary had poinsettias too!

The Spectacular was organized by Eric and Lydia- they did such an awesome job! Mr. Tom read some great Scripture before each performance! There were 18 different things! (three of them were congregational songs which were very rockin!)

(warning: get ready for a really long run-on sentence. whoops :o) :::

Pastor Stephen and Hannah sang some awesome Andrew Peterson songs, Ms. Donna did a beautiful piano solo, Cara and Julia played harp, Julia played a piano solo, Hannah sang a Turkish ("She's singing Turkey!") Christmas carol and I played, Mr. Steve sang and played guitar, the Sunday school classes sang "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" and "The Gospel Song," (which always is cute and funny when the children do random things in the middle of it) The Jackson Family Singers sang two fun hymns, I played for a quartet to sing (including Mom!), Mr. Ty and Ms. Esther sang an awesome carol he wrote (beautiful!), Mr. Steve and Ms. Janet sang and played (and Ms. Janet as an AMAZING voice!!), and Ms. Amy did a wonderful recitation from A Gospel Primer for Christians. Everyone was AWESOME!!!! And we ended it with O Come All Ye Faithful.

It was all so fantabulous.

I LOVE my church and church family!! They are the best!!

AND it snowed!!

The Quartet + Lily (taken by Ms. Janet)
Cara (taken by Ms. Janet)
Hannah (taken by Ms. Janet)
Julia (taken by Ms. Janet)
Lily, Hannah, and Aaron in the snow! (from Hannah's phone)

Best decision I've made all week (which is um just today but anyways! :) : bringing my snow boots to church (say adios to the high heels!)

After church we trekked over to Walk Thru Bethlehem which was superb as always! And since there were only about 100 people when we were there we got extra snacks :o)

We ended our fun day with family devotion and watching The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. :)

And here is a picture of some sweet friends at my baptism!!

(picture from Lindsey)

Enjoy the snow, stay warm, and be safe! :)


Lily :o)

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