Friday, December 31, 2010


2010 In Review

Wow- I cannot believe that tomorrow is the start of a new year! My how time flies!

(and just a little warning- this going to be a longgggg post ~:-)

This year has been crazy but good. God is faithful and has exceedingly blessed us this year!!

Some highlights/big things from this year:

~All three Scott girls were baptized and joined our church earlier this month! I am so thankful for that! Grandma came as well which meant so much! Some of my dear friends were also there for the baptism and for a blessing party! Thank you, friends!!

~being the publicity coordinator for the Nashville Do Hard Things conference! I got involved with bringing it to Nashville in July of 2009 and it came to Nashville August of 2010! It was so cool to see God working on our behalf for the conference. It was amazing to meet and work with new awesome people. I am so thankful for all of the people that helped bring the conference here! My friends were so supportive and helpful! Thank you all!!! It was a wonderful experience and I am so thankful I got to be the publicity coordinator!

With Brett Harris
With Alex and Courtney Harris

Johnna, Brett, and Lily

~my second year at Whitver. I feel like I have connected more and I really love it!! My classes, teachers, and friends are fabulous. I also have a lighter workload compared to last year which has been really nice. I am so blessed and thankful.

My lit lab last year! I miss that class!
My spanish 2 class last year.

~My family is so amazing!! They are supportive, loving, caring- all the good adjectives apply to them! :) I also feel like I have gotten closer to my parents this year. I have always really appreciated them but I feel like I have had a greater appreciation for them this past year. :)

~Our family trips: the Scott ladies went to see fam at the cabin in January. Our fam went with Nana and Papa to Knoxville in January to see our cousin get married! Dad and I went on a Lil and Dad trip to Memphis during my spring break! In June we went with two fun families from our church to Gatlinburg! In August we went to camp (see below). At the end of August we went to Miami for Mom's high school reunion! It was great to see a bunch of Mom's family!! On the way home we went to Disney!! (can I just live at Disney? It makes me happy :) In October we took Nana and Papa to Shaker Village! We had a great time!! Dad and I also went on a road trip to practice my driving over fall break down the Natchez! In July we celebrated July 4th with our friends the Dodds at the lake!

Aunt Lee Lee, Grandma, Aunt Ivy, and Mom

Lil and Elvis in his hometown
Scott girls on Main Street in Magic Kingdom!
The fam at Shaker Village!
At the cabin
Beach in Miami!
Fam in Epcot!
In a tree at Shaker Village
Shaker Village

~In April, Hannah came to live with us! She started cosmetology school in August! We have really enjoyed having her here!!

We aren't crazy or anything... :o)

~Some of our dear friends, Nicole and Bryan, got married in May! Their wedding was so fun and Mom made the main wedding cake! They also had a photo booth at their wedding- SO COOL. (definitely something I want at my wedding :o)

~In April I got a group of Makos together to go to the MTHEA Teen Banquet! It was so much fun!!
Our group!

Anna, Lily, and Linds!
Riley, Lily, Lauren, and Christina!

~I have gotten more into photography this year! Dad and I helped a friend photograph a wedding in October, and I did the adorable Polly Jane's newborn pictures! (coming soon!)

~Allie and I threw a surprise party for our darling friend Lindsey's 18th birthday in July! I also helped throw a going away party for Allie!

~I turned a year older! :) My fabulous piano teacher, who is practically a family member (she is so wonderful- I hope you can meet her sometime!) threw a surprise party for me! I also went with some girlfriends to Chihuly at Cheekwood!

~We now have all teenagers! Craziness! Cara turned 13 in October!

~I finally got my permit! I drove the fam to Atlanta and most of the way back a few days ago! Hopefully I can get my license soon :)

~I have such wonderful friends! WOW I am so blessed!

~I was excited to make a regional cut this season and last for swim team! Here is a picture of me and Christina at regionals:

~It has been so much fun to play piano for church- such a privilege! It is awesome to get to play with the guys every week! And y'all- our church family is phenomenal! I am so thankful for them!

~Y'all, God is so faithful. I am so thankful for that promise! Words cannot describe. He is good.

~In August Julia and I worked kitchen staff, Mom taught cooking, and Cara was a camper. It was a very interesting experience. I am thankful for it though!

~The Nashville Flood was in May. We were very thankful to not be affected but we have many friends who were. It was so sad. It was so cool though to see Nashville pull together and help! FEMA said they had never seen a city pull together so well!

~I love swimming on the Makos!! Our team is superb and I love my Mako girlies!! :)

~In June my friend Allie came home from China! We missed her!

~Nashville has gotten some great snows!

Favorite Movies of 2010
~the new BBC Emma!
~North and South
~Voyage of the Dawn Treader
~Letters to Juliet
~Step Up 3
~Toy Story 3

more coming soon :o)

If you read all of this, thank you! :)

Love and blessings,

Lily :o)

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