Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 18

Day 18- Plans/dreams/goals you have

My main goal in life is to glorify the Lord in everything I do! I pray that my life honors Him in all I do.

I feel called to working for the prolife ministry- and I would also love to do something in the medical field (maybe a nurse practitioner?) and maybe something to do with publicity! And of course I want to be a wife and mom! :o)


Nashville's Grace Pregnancy Resource Center- over 200 babies have been saved at Grace! GPRC is two buildings down from Nashville's biggest abortion clinic. Many people come to Grace thinking it is the abortion clinic. One woman recently came thinking it was the abortion clinic and after speaking with someone at Grace, decided to keep her baby! The Lord is really doing amazing things through Grace! Grace will soon have an ultrasound machine! All of the services provided by GPRC are free.

Most recent update:

Good afternoon,

Just a quick note to praise the Lord for the baby saved Sat. the 14th!

Precious young woman came in thinking she was at the abortion facility.

Her boyfriend was with her and sat in the front room while we talked.

She left the office still undecided, but armed with information to share and discuss with her boyfriend.

I have continued to follow up with her a couple of times during the last 10 days.

She told me today they have decided to parent!

Praise the Lord for another answered prayer.

Again today the abortion numbers were down on the hill.

There were two doctors and several workers but only about 11 cars.

Please keep praying for closure of the Women’s Center and for doctors and nurses hearts to change.

Interested in helping with the prolife ministry in middle TN?

40Days for Life starts Sept 22 – October 31

We need more volunteers to sign up to pray!


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