Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thankful- He is faithful!!

Hey friends!

Well, wow! I am so thankful! God is really working on our behalf for the conference! We have had lots of good news today! I would like to share some of that with you and also a shout out to several amazing people!

1. We are working to get interviews!!

2. Joy told me that both Trevecca radio stations want to promote! She is also getting in touch with Baja Burrito regarding food! She also wrote us press releases and has done so much more!

3. Johnna gave me the contact info of a lady at the Fish whom I will be calling tomorrow!

4. The registration count as of yesterday was 452! It went up almost a 100 from last week!

5. We have made a prayer time- we all pray for at least one minute for the conference at 6 PM central time. This evening we were out shopping but I stopped to pray at 6. God really heard His people! I got calls/texts from Ms. Pam about the interview, Joy about the radio stations and food, and Johnna about the Fish all after that time! Prayer is very powerful!

I could thank SO many more people! My whole team has been so amazing! Bless all of you!!!

Everything is beginning to fall into place!

My friends- we serve an AMAZING and FAITHFUL God! Wow! He is so wonderful! Praise Him!

God is good. :D

Feeling very encouraged and awed at the amazing God we serve,

Lily :o)

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