Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thankful- November 9

November 9, I am thankful for my dear grandparents and getting to spend time with them! To celebrate Nana's birthday, the birthday girl, Papa, and I went to Cheekwood's Pineapple Room and out for a little shopping! We had so much fun and I am so glad we got to celebrate together :) I love you both very very much!!

I am thankful for lots of great chatting and fellowshipping at the swing dance (and ironically not a lot of dancing...).

I am thankful for sweet Ms. Kathy, who does a great job cutting our hair!

I am thankful for much needed quality chat time with Rachel and Julia- driving through a lovely neighborhood, freezing on the porch even with blankets, eating all of the Blue's cookies, and catching up... :)

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