Saturday, April 21, 2012

Life in Pictures

Here are some recent pictures! Coming soon... MTHEA Teen Banquet 2012 Pictures!!

My super fun lit lab! Thanks so much for taking us to Las Paletas, dear Mrs. Reyes! :) p.s. Nutella popsicle- sooo good! 
Visiting Nana and Papa! (minus Julia the photographer)
Remember that pretty tree outside of LU? :)
Tori! We love the new Opry Mills Vera Bradley Outlet Store!! 
Love these girlies! (again minus our photographer Julia) 
Beautiful flowers Dad got for me!
Other side 
Scarritt Bennett
Selfie in front of the pretty tree
Lovely flowers
Reading the Glass Menagerie with one of Panera's delicious mango smoothies :)
PURE DELICIOUSNESS. (I may or may not have just resorted to eating it with a spoon... #dontjudge)
So cute!! "BEN! BEN!"
Lunch with Dad at PM after the ACT! 
I may or may not keep cash in my purse for the sole reason of buying Dr. Peppers at the Brentwood Library every week... #dontjudge
ARIANE!! We love you!!

Touring LU with Christina! Starbucks frapps on LU!
I love you, dear friend!!
Last physics lab :( Aren't they beautiful?!
so excited for physics! hahaha.
good times!
Team HH! Love you girlies!

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