Friday, January 14, 2011


Hey friends!

I hope you watched the video I posted yesterday :)

Makos won the meet vs. BHS last night!! Whoo hoo!! We have another meet tomorrow- the Excel Invitational. There are about 450 swimmers entered in the meet. It's going to be pretty crazy! It'll be fun, though! GO MAKOS!

Julia got her wisdom teeth taken out this morning. :( Please pray for her! I think it is kind of funny both sisters have had wisdom teeth out before me! :)

Highlight of my day: I started teaching swim lessons last week! I have seven little munchkins in two classes! Today one of the little girls made me a card! It says "I like swimming" on the front and "I like you" on the back. PRECIOUS!! :o) It made my day :) It is now hanging in my room!

Chemistry yesterday was very entertaining haha! "The ates have more than the ites! *clap clap*"

Lily :o)

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