Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 13

Day 13- A childhood memory

Oh my I have lots!

1. One day I decided to run away. (?!?!?) I had a little suitcase that I packed up with various items. I clearly remember standing at the back door ready to "run away" (like it would have happened!). I remember sweet Julia standing there and crying that I was leaving. I remember her saying "Don't run away!" So I changed my mind and stayed. ~:-) And here I am! :o) (and that was a looooooooong time ago :o)

2. When we were little, we would play hide and seek a lot. Usually we would play it when Mom was at a party or dinner or something and it was just the girlies and Dad. We could never find Dad (or we um got scared ~;-) so we would say "Make a noise, Dad! Make a noise!" and Dad would hoot like an owl. We would eventually find him. :o)

3. When we lived at the rental house (I think it was when I was in 3rd-4th grade), ahhhh we played ALL THE TIME!!! It was so much fun! We played outside every single day with our very fun neighbors, the Andersons. One such activity was making mud pots on the back porch. At the rental house we had a huge back porch that we never used. So instead it was used for mud pots! We would dig up some dirt from underneath the porch and then make pots. It was really fun! :o) The rental house we lived in was between John Overton HS and FRA. So we heard every game, and had a couple of teenagers in the backyard once who were skipping school. There was a soccer field right by the house that had a sprinkler system. One day the sprinklers were going and so we- all three girls + Dad + some of the neighbors ran through it. It was very fun!

4. When we were remodeling the house after the fire, we practically LIVED at Expo. We were there all of the time. But we had lots of fun! We would pretend that one of us was the Expo employee and the other two were customers buying stuff for their house. The shower heads made excellent telephones and we would go "shopping" for rugs and refrigerators and such. One time two girls played hide and seek with us! I think Mom was stressed that her three children were um *cough* running around the store... ~:-)

5. One time Mom and I went shopping. We were shopping for a very long time. I don't even remember what we were shopping for! But I remember Mom saying that if I was good I could pick out a dress. At the end of out shopping extravaganza I believe we went to Dillards or Hechts or one of those dept. stores. I got to pick out a dress! Oooh I loved it! It was a pretty shade of purple with a velvet top. After the Scott girls grew out of it, it passed down to Hannah and now I think Rachel has it. It is so fun to see our favorite dresses on girlies at church!

6. I remember the first year I went to Greystone! Just like every year, I stayed with Mom before camp started and then moved into my cabin. The first year I remember Mom telling me Laura Ingalls Wilder stories before we went to sleep. :o) It has always been so nice to have the lovely mother at camp!! I have never gotten homesick- Mom is always at camp as are the girls and then Dad comes to visit. :o)

One more and then we will end our walk down memory lane! ~:-)

7. The house three doors down from us (now the duplex where the Tantons and another family live) used to be a house covered in vines. Vines had totally taken over the yard. You could barely see the house for all of the vines and trees! When the lady who lived there died, there was an estate sale and after that they tore the house down to plain ole dirt. Lots of dirt + children + things buried in the dirt= lots of good times. ~:-) One such time our friends the Prieskorns were at our house for dinner. So we went on an adventure to the land of dirt! Once over there we um started digging through the dirt. I remember we found a pillowcase and some other random things.

Ahhh good childhood memories! I could go on and on but that ends our little walk down memory lane! :o)

Lily :o)

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