Monday, April 19, 2010

Banquet, fun friends, conference, and other good stuff

Hey friends!

Whoops I have been slackin' off on the blogging lately! ahhh our life has been very busy!

Only FOUR more weeks of school! Can you hear the Hallelujah chorus? :o)

This past Friday was the annual MTHEA Teen Banquet of 2010! It was SO MUCH FUN!!!! I had a really great time!!

I had bought a dress (remember- the blue one?) but after looking at pics from last year, I began to think it might not be fancy enough for the occasion. I had to be at the church at 4 PM to get ready with some girlfriends. At 2:30 I told Mom about my dress concerns and showed her some pics. "Well," she said, "we have an hour. Let's run over to Macy's and we can just look." We dashed over and found a "70% off today only" rack of cute dresses. Mom and I frantically started grabbing any dresses that might fit. It was the first dress I tried on. It was a super cute black dress that fit great. "This is it!" Mom said. I tried on a couple more dresses just to make sure it was "the dress." Mom said that even if it wasn't the dress I wore to banquet, we were buying it! We went to check out. The original price was $160 and the sale price on the ticket was $96. The cashier told us it would be $86. "It was on the sale rack with a sign that said 70% off today only," Mom told the cashier. "Well, it was not supposed to be there, but I'll give it to you." And guess how much it was?! $24 + tax= $27! Whoo hoo!! It was totally a God thing! It made me super happy and I love my dress!

Ahh- banquet was so much fun! I went early and the fabulous Mrs. Tallman did our makeup, which looked amazing! Maddie took our pictures and then we had dinner! haha yesss we were table ten- and the favorite table of the Master of Ceremonies! We were the last table to get called to go get our food from the buffet style meal. Yum! It was all delicious! After the very fun banquet I spent the night with Linds! yay!

On Saturday morning I was very excited to get to have lunch with two dear friends- Jenny and Jaclyn! It was so good to hang out with them! And I got $0.59 earrings at Francesca's in the Hill Center! Score!

On Friday we had our first conference meeting with all of the Nashville coordinators! I am working on getting my FIFTY team members... God is faithful though and He has a plan! Yesterday I was feeling kind of discouraged about the conference. I felt encouraged though after getting my Hendersonville contact! (and I promise to not freak out the next time the conference is discussed! :D)

On Saturday we had dinner with the Tantons and some other neighbors! It was fun to listen to David and Astrid playing guitar and drums! of course it wasn't complete without the amazing background music of the maracas from *cough* us! hahahaha :o)

I am SO enjoying playing every week with the worship group!

We are also SO enjoying having Hannah and Mr. John here! And Hannah got a car!!

Well, off to my homework!

Adios amigos!

Enjoy the pics!

Lily :o)

P.S. The pic uploader is not working but I will post pics soon!!!!

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