Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wonderful Merciful Savior

From Ms. Dawn Wyse:

a doctor in haiti sent Eric and me this youtube video that he took after the earthquake. I can't believe he took time to track us down, but he wanted us to see this. I hope it blesses you all as much as it did me.
Dear Dawn and Eric-- The girl in bed is 14 years old and had an appendectomy a few days earlier. She was kept over in the unit because of a complication but recovered well. She had witnessed the deaths of several nearby patients. There were 22 patients in our tent unit, which was classified as the ICU for the University Hospital compound. I was helping run the unit for the International Medical Corp, it was about 105 degrees midday inside. There was no privacy. The people never complained and were always calm. They taught me the meaning of "Blessed are the poor". For the first time I admired impoverished people. I had told the girl she looked well enough to go home but she had to wait for clearance by a surgeon and had found a surgeon from Duke to come by and was examining other patients. Their soft three part harmony could be heard several patients away and was so beautiful I had to record it, the patient, her sister and mother granted my wish. I had no idea it was a song of faith and since they speak french it took a little while to sink in what they were singing. When I understood they were praising Jesus and they were so content I had to fight back tears. These are a resilient people, strong, beautiful and unassuming. My two weeks in Haiti were exhausting and a mini eternity. One day I got to work in a clinic 45 minutes from the Univ. Hosp. Along the road there was not a moment the devastation wasn't apparent. Expressions of faith were seen on buses and heard from town squares, the churches were overflowing, their faith preceded the earthquake. Your song was a high point of my trip and pretty well provided its theme and I can't get it out of my head. I have shown it to many people on who ask about the trip, bringing it up on the phone. Thank you. --Chris Ryckman, M.D.--(Chris)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lG_-VsKwEKk or see below

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