Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sea Monkeys

Julia is our "little farmer." She always has something green and cheery growing somewhere around our house! She is also our main pet caretaker. Very sadly, the last of our crabs died this week. But Julia has a new pet venture! Sea monkeys! (Google 'em if you are curious!)

Now that you are probably thinking that the Scotts have reached the bottom of pets :o), we are having fun with them! They will probably get as big as 3/4 of an inch. As Mom said, "we are getting closer and closer to having the ideal loser pet." Haha. Most people have dogs or cats but the Scotts have crabs and sea monkeys. :o)

Our sea monkeys are babies and can only be seen swimming through the water with a flashlight right now. But, we have a microscope so have been looking at them! Cara decided they look like hammerhead sharks. :o)

Mom, the biology expert :o), was curious to know what the class/order the sea monkeys are in so here it is: Species: Artemia salina Family: Artemiidae Order: Anostraca Class: Branchiopoda Subphylum Crustacae Phylum: Athropoda Kingdom:Animalia

Checkin' out the sea monkeys
I know this looks doubtful- but trust me! There are lots of lil sea monkeys in here :o)

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