Monday, November 19, 2012

Verse of the Week- via JFarese

Written by Keith Beauchemin via JFarese
Psalm 34:19

"Many are the afflictions of the righteous,
But the LORD delivers him out of them all."

 We need to remember that many are the afflictions of the righteous.  We wish 
that there were no afflictions, or maybe just a few.  But this is the way is has 
been for the saints throughout the ages.  When we are in the midst of 
afflictions, especially long term afflictions, we can begin to have doubts.  
Does God care?  Am I really a Christian?  Does God really love me?  There is 
real comfort and assurance in these words: "Many are the afflictions of the 

You see, it is those God loves that He afflicts.  He has shown great love and 
grace by making us righteous in Christ.  Then he conforms us to the image of 
Christ.  He works in our lives to purify us, and one of the ways He does that is 
through afflictions.  He weans us from self-confidence, love of ourselves and 
the things of this world.  Our afflictions are not enjoyable, but they are a 
blessing.  When we look back upon our afflictions and see God's hand and purpose 
in sanctifying us, we will be able to say, "It is good for me that I have been 
afflicted."  (Psalm 119:70)

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